American Universities Are Not ‘Right-Wing’

Ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary is plainly dishonest

Trust in universities has nosedived in America since 2015 among Republican voters, and the Right-wing media’s focus on the excesses of Left-modernist ideology on campus — from diversity statements to activist dismissal campaigns to no-platformings — is arguably a major reason. A growing number of red states are now legislating to reform or cut the budgets of their state universities.

Meawhile, the progressive Left is continuing to stick its fingers in its ears, doubling down on the narrative that this is a Right-wing moral panic designed to divide and conquer the electorate, while denying the overwhelming reality of Left-wing domination on campus. “The right is not underrepresented in higher education; in fact, the opposite is true,” is the astounding claim made by Asheesh Kapur Siddique in Teen Vogue this week. “The modern American university,’ he claims, “is a Right-wing institution”!

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Eric Kaufmann is professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London and a fellow of the Manhattan Institute.

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