Bill Murray Is Turning His Many Musings and Stories Into NFTs – Rolling Stone

Bill Murray is turning his cache of classic stories into a new NFT collection with the help of the website the Chive. 

The project, announced earlier this week, is set to launch in April with the arrival of the first 100 out of a total of 1,000 NFTs Murray and the Chive plan to mint (those interested in obtaining one can sign up for more info now). Per the Chive, each NFT will feature an illustration of Murray by David Grizzle, along with the text of a Murray tale he’s either shared himself or verified previous accounts of.

At the moment, it’s unclear which of Murray’s many stories will be turned into NFTs, though Chive co-founder John Resig shared one on his Instagram. The photo featured Murray holding a very old Blackberry, and according to Resig, Murray nicknamed the phone “Bill Urry” because the “M” key hasn’t worked for five years. And yes, that means Murray has spent the past five years sending texts without the letter “M” as well.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, other NFTs in the collection will find Murray talking about various encounters with fans and fellow celebrities, as well as sharing stories from his career. Some NFTs will contain Murray’s philosophical musings, while others will simply be about his own peculiar hobbies and quirks. Murray will also reportedly share his version of some stories that were shared in the 2018 documentary, The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man, which he didn’t partake in.

The possibilities for these NFTs, of course, are endless. There’s the time Murray drove an Oakland taxi cab around so its driver could practice saxophone in the backseat. Or the time he crashed a student party in Scotland and offered to do the dishes. Or the time he showed up at a bachelor party and gave an impromptu speech. Or the time he bartended at South by Southwest, or joined a kickball game in New York City. The list — thankfully — goes on and on.

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