News Flash: Death Is Inevitable!

(Don Boudreaux)

Near the two-minute, twenty-second mark of this brief interview with British MP Charles Walker – who has been absolutely heroic in fighting Covid Derangement Syndrome – the interviewer, a British news person, apparently discovers for the first time that some people, such as Mr Walker, understand that death is inevitable.

In response to a perfectly reasonable point made by Walker, the interviewer asks Walker, “Are you saying that we need to learn to live with a certain amount of death?”

Seriously, has humanity gone deranged? This interviewer – along with everyone else who is reacting to Covid-19 as if it’s an existential threat to humanity – treats Covid as if it is visiting upon humanity a fate that differs categorically from any that we’ve ever before confronted.

(I thank my Mercatus Center colleague Jack Salmon for sending to me the link to this interview.)

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