Roundabouts vs Traffic Lights

Hate it when you’re the only car stopped at a light? Roundabouts are a solution to that, and more.
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Roundabouts are “safer. They save lives. They cost less!” Carmel, Indiana mayor Jim Brainard explains.

He’s replaced nearly every stoplight in his town with a roundabout. His town now accounts for about 2% of all roundabouts in America.

Roundabouts are safer. A study in Wisconsin found that when roundabouts replaced typical intersections, deaths fell 38%.

Crashes actually rose 12%, but they were more minor crashes.

“Instead of a T-bone, you get a sideswipe,” Brainard explains.

Roundabouts pass cars through intersections faster, they look nicer, save tax money, and pollute less.

Yet America’s politicians have been slow to adopt them. Europe has about 200,000 roundabouts — compared to America’s roughly 6,000.

Why so slow? I ask Jim Brainard in the video above.

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