Saturday assorted links

1. Interview with Charles Koch.

2. mRNA vaccines and nanotech.  And vaccine depends on strong vial (WSJ).  A very good short piece on the importance of materials science and innovation.

3. Magnus interview.

4. “This decision analytical model found that missed instruction during 2020 could be associated with an estimated 5.53 million years of life lost.”  An appreciation of the Lucas critique is badly lacking here (different regime, can’t just re-use the old education/life expectancy gradients!…least of all from meta-studies), but still this is the kind of calculation we should be attempting and publicizing more.  Except we need to get it right.  This piece is in JAMA Network Open, and the authors are from very good schools, the lead author is highly prestigious and a major editor, but the work would not pass muster from even moderately critical referees in a second-tier economics journal.  That said, I do suspect the costs of school closings are very high.

5. Are rogue orcas targeting sailing boats?

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