The Madness of Cooling a Cooling Planet

We are into our third spring month, and it is still snowing in the northern hemisphere, yet the madmen ruling the planet will not let the media inform the people that the climate experts were wrong about man-made global warming. Earth is facing a deep freeze, and solar scientists are warning us that this cooling, which has accelerated dramatically this year, will continue for several decades.

We will only care about climate change when we start to go hungry because of the cold weather. The endless winter is again shortening the growing season. The extension of winter this late into the spring will drive already soaring food prices into the stratosphere. It is May 10, and it is still snowing, and another vast cold front moves as far south as Florida.

The trillions spent on the pandemic could have all gone into vertical farming and other technologies to mitigate crop losses, thus saving millions of more lives in the hungry future that is coming our way. The common sense that the longer you ignore a problem, the more it will grow applies to a cooling planet and the damage it will do to our food supply.

Though there are many madmen in the world, there is only one mad enough to cool a cooling planet. Bill Gates is probably the most dangerous man on Earth, and there seems to be little anyone can do about it. He is a target that no one can hit, but Tucker Carlson certainly took a shot at him and what he wants to do to the Earth. I think Tucker is right. Gates has a God complex worse than any Guru that has walked the planet. What Tucker does not say that his plan to cool the Earth is a global suicidal project because the Earth is already cooling on its own.

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