The Social Dilemma is Dangerously Wrong… Part II

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Social Dilemma Pt. I:


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This documentary was so awful, we had to make two parts! In Part I, we discussed misplaced fear over social media fostering political tribalism and using advertising to manipulate your everyday behavior.

For Part II, we’ll discuss the effect social media actually has on your well-being. As Tristan Harris and others would have you believe, social media is the root cause for rising mental health issues, especially among teens and pre-teens.

While it is true that mental health is getting worse, correlation doesn’t imply causation—and we might be neglecting all of the positive benefits social media has on society, like fostering connections and reducing feelings of social isolation.

And while ‘The Social Dilemma’ tries it’s best to scare you and make it seem like you’re not in control of your own life, you most definitely are. You have agency. You also have the ability to shape the behavior of social media companies by voicing your concern and voting with your time and your wallet.

So our advice is… don’t buy what ‘The Social Dilemma’ is selling.
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