Thomas Sowell vs The Left

After last summer’s BLM protests, “experts” declared what America must do for black people: “reparations!", "abolish policing!", “socialism!”

These are AWFUL ideas that will hurt blacks, says economist Thomas Sowell.
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Sowell is brilliant and courageous. An upcoming Free To Choose film about him, "Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World,” highlights Sowell’s incredible life story, and his reasons for opposing big-government policies.

Sowell grew up as an orphan in NYC, where he educated himself by reading. He became a Marxist. But that changed when he worked in government and studied economics.

"I was a summer intern at the U.S. Department of Labor," he explains. "One of my biggest concerns was about minimum wages. At first, I thought ‘well this is good because all these people are poor, and they’ll get a little higher income.’"

“Then as I studied economics, I began to see, well, there’s a downside– they may lose their jobs," he adds.

The Department of Labor didn’t appreciate that point of view. Ending the minimum wage would take away their power.

"I realized the U.S. Department of Labor had its own agenda and interests," he says.

Now, at age 90, he still educates about free markets & race-blind policies.

He says today’s complaints about America’s “systemic racism” are “propaganda".

"If you go back into the ‘20s, you find that married-couple families were much more prevalent among blacks then … As late as 1930, blacks have lower unemployment rates than whites," he points out.

More of his excellent points are in the video above.

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