August 11, 2021                                             

fromReason: They’ll never be satisfied in a world of balanced risks.
fromReason: As early as 2026, new cars will have to come equipped with "advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology."
fromAlexBerenson/Substack: The real-world data – from Israel, the United States, and everywhere else – are clear. Vaccine protection from infection fades within months against both the original coronavirus and the Delta variant. 
fromTheHill: Thirty-one percent of registered voters in the Aug. 2-3 survey named inflation as what concerns them the most when thinking about the future of the economy. This was followed by the national debt, at 22 percent, and unemployment and income inequality, at 15 percent each.
fromVisualCapitalist: A great way to grasp issues is to see them.
fromMises: Far from being in a position of overwhelming strength, China and its Communist leadership face imminent multifront domestic crises that will threaten the existence not only of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but the existence of the Chinese state as a unified whole.

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